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Alignment means that everything is placed on the page with a reason. Nothing is placed arbitrarily. Everything should have a visual relationship with something else on the page. This gives a sense of organization and unity..

Unity is the most important concept of design.

Lack of alignment is probably the biggest cause of unpleasent papers and web sites.

When items are aligned on the page it creates a strong cohension. Even if they are seperated they are connected by the closure effect of the eye. Even when proximity is not close alignment tells the reader they are related.

Do you automatically center everything? Most beginners do and this feels good and gives a formal, sedate yet dull look.

Try using a strong flush left or right alignment with good use of proximity and your creations will be more exciting. At times you can still center things but try something different.

If you are going to center text make it obvious.

Sometimes you can flush left and right both but make sure you align them in some way. This has to be intentional (see the rule below.)

Avoid using more than one text alignment on a page.

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