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Contrast is one of the most effective ways to add interest. The important rule to remember is: Don't be a sissy! For contrast to be effective it must be strong.

Contrast is when things are different, not close but different.

Contrast can be large and small type, different fonts, thick and thin lines, cool and warm colors, smooth and rough textures, and small and large graphics.

Contrast is crucial to organization. Readers should understand what is related at a glance.

Determine what you want the focus to be and use contrast to create that focus. Then enhance with strong alignment and good proximity. Then enhance further with repetition.

Contrast is the most fun and the most dramatic of the concepts.

Contrast is rarely the only concept that needs to be emphasized, but when you add contrast the other concepts seem to fall together.

Avoid sort-ofs and kinda-close. Don't use black and gray, use big and little. Remember close is not contrast.


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