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Repetition is to unify and add visual interest.

Repetition can be in the form of a bold font, a thick or thin rule line, the kind of bullet you use, a particular format, anything the reader can visually and easily recognize.

Repetition can be thought of as consistency. Does page 4 relate to page one? Repetition is an effort to unify all parts of a design. Notice how the "Design Notebook" has a visual relationship.

Take advantage of what you are already using and turn those ideas into repetitive graphic symbols. Make those ideas stronger and increase the visual organization and consistency by making it more obvious.

If everything is inconsistent, how can anyone tell if something is special?

Repetition helps organize the information. It guides the reader through the page or pages. It helps unify the design.

If there is an idea that stikes your fancy, go for it.

Sometimes the repeated objects are not exactly the same thing but they are so closely related that their connection is obvious.

Often you can repetitive elements that have nothing to do with your purpose. It's ok to have fun.

Sometimes the mere suggestion of repetition gets the same results.

Repetition gives a sense of authority and professionalism to your design.

Avoid repeating so much it become annoying.


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