2nd Semester DGA Assignments


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 Study Elements workshop and Atomic Learning.Com


Pre-Elements ,
Basic Elements
, Files Browser , Palette- Tools. File Browser
Elements of Art
Principles of Color Symbolism
Face Proportions
Primary Colors
Secondary Colors
Terciary Colors

Elements 2 Projects

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Project 10

Project 11

Project 14

Project 15

Eye Color Change

Put a flower in your hair or in this model's hair using this picture and the picture of yourself or the model.

Make a photograph of you in England.

Make a photograph of you in France.

Make a string of Pearls. Use Learn to Paint Introduction

Make a photograph of you in Moscow.

Make a photograph of you in Nepal.

Make your own Nemo.

Make a photograph of you in a Cartoon.

Picture you and George W. Bush or Laura Bush

Picture yourself with Michael Jordon

Picture You and Shania Twain

Picture you and the terminator

Picture you in the car


GIF Animation

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Animate your own snowman.

Remember to use parts: then move the parts and save as different pictures so you can animate those pictures. That way you do not have to draw all of snowman over and over.

Make animation of a ball growing and shrinking.


Animate one pearl falling and bouncing off your picture.

Use a photograph of your choice and replicate with your picture as a drawing. See morphing above as an example. Morph it.


Animate your fish swiming across your tank.

Make Peter Parker (aka. Spiderman) walk

Make michel dribble a ball

Make a rocket ship take off. See example by BreAnna.

Morp a terminator picture with you in it



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Getting Started Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Keyboard Shortcuts



Complete Lesson 6

Complete Lesson 2 

Complete Lesson 3

Complete Lesson 4

Complete Lesson 9

Complete Lesson 11





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Complete lesson 1


Final Project:

Make 1 minute movie using any and all of the tools in Flash, Bryce, and Photoshop. Tell a story. Be Creative and have fun!






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