I Want my own Icons


Q: How do you change the icon of a folder or shortcut you've created on your desktop?

A: Yes, it's true. You're not stuck with boring Windows desktop icons. Icons aplenty are available for download on the Net. Or, download a shareware icon editor such as Microangelo and you can turn your photos of Fluffy into desktop gems.

Here's how to institute your flashy new icons:


Right click on the icon you want to modify.
Select Properties from the pop-up menu.
Click on the Shortcut tab
Choose Change Icon button, located in lower right
Change Icon button will open by default to Shell32.dll -- the standard icon file.
Instead of opening Shell32.dll, open and choose icons from the file containing your downloaded or customized icons.

(Note: This trick only works for shortcuts, not for actual folders, files or .exe icons on the desktops)

Users of Windows 98 (or Windows 95 with Microsoft Plus!) can also use the Display Control Panel to swap the Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin, My Computer, and other standard system icons.



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