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As you know, in To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout is a young girl growing up in the South at a time when racism is prevalent. Scout experiences several events that will change her forever.

Your job will be to produce a newspaper article covering some of the issues and/or events contained within the novel.



The Task



You will form five groups of six. You will be assigned in pairs to each of the following roles:




Your task as a group will be to produce a newspaper article on one of the following topics:

Growing up in the South in the thirties. Possible people to interview: Scout, Jem, Dill

Racism in the South in the thirties. Possible people to interview: Tom Robinson, Calpurnia, Reverend Sykes

Being a woman in the thirties. Possible people to interview: Miss Maudie, Aunt Alexandra, Mayella, Calpurnia

Standing up for personal beliefs. Possible people to interview: Atticus, Scout, Miss Maudie

The effects of the Great Depression. Possible people to interview: Any of the characters in the novel










This is a site devoted to student journalism. It contains information on the latest trends and gives examples of actual newspaper articles.

Contains editorials written by high school students for a school newspaper.

Describes job of an editor.

Describes job of a newspaper reporter.

Growing up in the South during 1930's

See the education topic.

Interview of three women who grew up in the South during the 1930's.

Racism in the South during the 1930's

Gives historical background on the Ku Klux Klan.

Contains definitions of racism and related words.

An historian speaks on the subject of black voters in the South during the 1930's.

Being a woman during the 1930's

Contains information on influential women of the 1930's under the topic of People and Personalities.

Contains an account of an African American woman who lived during the 1930's on the subject of hobbies.

Provides history of women's rights movement. See the topics History of Women's Right to Vote and Prominent American Women in the Women's Rights Movement. Also read the 19th Amendment.

Provides information on working women throughout history.

Standing up for personal beliefs

A site that discusses peer pressure.

This site defines individualism and collectivism. Which term best characterizes Atticus?

The effects of the Great Depression

This site lists causes of the Great Depression.

This site discusses Black Tuesday, the day the stock market crashed.

This site provides information on the social conditions brought about by the Great Depression.



The Process



You will form groups by counting off by six. Ones will form a group, etc. Then, one person from each group will draw a topic from a hat. You may decide among yourselves which roles you will take, but there must be two people for each role.

The reporters' job will be to:

Interview at least two characters from the novel

Write an article based on the interviews

The editors' job will be to:

Review the article for grammatical mistakes

Rewrite a final draft that will be published

The publishers' job will be to:

Design the layout of the article

Produce the finished article

Rules to follow:

The publishers and editors must each think of at least two questions to ask the persons being interviewed.

The editors must get approval from the rest of the group before cutting anything out of the article.

The publishers must seek approval on the design of the article before producing the finished piece.

Learning Advice



Make sure that you cooperate together as a group. A large part of your grade will depend upon this. Brainstorm with your group for ideas before you start this project. Discuss all changes with the group before you make any final decisions.






After completing this activity you should have learned the following:

How to better cooperate with others

Elements of journalism

Historical background of certain social issues




You will be graded on your finished article and group participation.