Mexico City






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¡Felicitaciones, amigos! (Congratulations, friends!) You and two friends have just been given free round-trip airfare tickets and lodging for 3 days in the heart of México, D.F.! Now all you need to figure out is what you will do while you're there!



After using the internet to research both historical and recreational sites in Mexico City, you and your traveling partners will choose three different sites to visit during your all-expense-paid, three-day stay in the Mexican capital.






During your research, be sure to check out each of these web sites!


Mexico City

Mexico Travel

Turknet Mexico

City.Net Mexico



Two forms of evaluation will be used for this project.

1. Written descriptions of each site you will "visit"

2. Group presentation of the three sites you chose to "visit"




I hope you've enjoyed your trip!

Did you think the world of Mexico City? Why or why not?


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