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Over one million children under the age of sixteen died in the Holocaust. Anne Frank was one of them.

Objective: The student will be able to better understand the courage and heroic sprit of Anne Frank and other children of the Holocaust.

Materials: Paper, Pencil, and Internet

Time: 3 days

Description: The students will visit different web sites to research information about the courage of Anne Frank and other children of the Holocaust as though they were journalists preparing a documentary for CBS. They will answer questions, make judgments about pictures and data to include, and write some journal responses to include in possible question and answer periods.



Introduction: You have just been hired to help create a documentary about Anne Frank and the Children of the Holocaust for the CBS Network. Your job is to visit different web sites to research information about the courage of Anne Frank and other children of the Holocaust. You are to complete each activity or activities assigned by your teacher and follow the instructions that are given. Good Luck!


**Before beginning your search, you may want to review information about the Holocaust. Click here in order to find information about the Holocaust

Choose the activity you need to work on. If you have just begun, start with Activity #1.

Activity #1 - Activity #2 - Activity #3 - Activity #4 - Activity #5


Activity # 1

You are going to take a virtual visit to Germany, 1943. You will visit the following web sites to see some faces of the people and scenes related to the Holocaust. Read any data related to the photographs.


Anne Frank's story in pictures

French Children of the Holocaust

Picture tour


  1. Write a journal response to the photographs and information given. Describe your emotions and thoughts.


  2. Which photographs would you choose for the documentary and why? Be sure to give the web site address and name the photograph.


Activity #2

You are now going to choose some musical selections for our documentary. Explore the following sites to find musical pieces you may want to use. Choose a musical piece that you think could be the theme song or an instrumental for the documentary. Give your reasons for choosing this work. This site contains listings of books, articles, annotated musical selections, selected recordings and musical compositions. This site contains details of Terezin, a Nazi concentration camp. Prisoners were allowed to compose and perform music. Poem from the Holocaust. A written by the child of a Holocaust victim.


Activity #3

Read the literature about the children of the Holocaust. Select works that especially express the courage and heroic spirit of the children. After selecting 3 works, print each and explain why you chose these particular works


Anne Frank's Scrapbook

Poem "Daniel"

Stories of survivors


Children who suffer

Child survivor's testimony on video with audio

Survivors' testimonies on video with audio


Activity # 4

Anne Frank's diary has been translated into many languages. Millions of students read Anne's diary each year. One of the people who assisted Anne and the others in hiding was Miep Gies. Pretend that Miep Gies will be a guest speaker on the show. Read the information concerning Anne's life and her diary. Also read Miep's comments about Anne. Prepare questions to ask Miep Gies about the heroic Anne.

Information about Anne's diary: publication, authenticity, etc.

Anne Frank's House with related information

Activity #5 

In this activity you will view children's art about the Holocaust. Pretend that you will invite the child artists to the show. Choose three art works from the selections. Write a journal response for each work. Explain why each work best depicts the courage of the children of the Holocaust.

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