Computers And You


Introduction | Task | Resources | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion


We all love surfing the Internet! We love chatting, playing games and down loading data to print. Where did these information highway vehicles come from? Who invented them and how long have they been around?

The Task

Once all research is completed, the student should be able to do the following:


The following resources will be used via Infoseek:


The Process

In order to accomplish this goal, follow the following steps:

1. Each student gives input and evaluation of the sites he/she reviewed.

2. Write an essay giving:

a) The History of Computers.

b) How computers have improved/evolved.

c) How Computers have become so much a part of our life.


You will be evaluated on content, creativity and the ability to show how computers are a benefit within our society.


Upon completion of this assignment, you will have learned the history of the computer, how computers have been used over the past centuries, what actually constitutes a computer, and how much our lives are effected by computers.


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