Life in Colonial Times
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Students will our through life in Colonial Times and learn about clothing, manners, family life, food, medicine, and trades of the time.

The Task:

Explore the following links about Colonial Life in America, then quiz yourself on what you have learned! Finally, use what you have learned to create an imaginative narrative about Colonial Life.


The Process:

At the computer:
Read ALL directions before you click.
In the classroom:

Think about what you have learned about life in the past.

Imagine that you lived during Colonial Times.


All links are included in the process section of this WebQuest. Additional Links are included below to enhance and extend learning opportunities.
Try these links to learn more about life in Colonial Times
Walking tour of Plimoth Plantation
13 Colonies Scavenger Hunt
The Second Thanksgiving
The Thanksgiving Story
The First Thanksgiving (not about colonial N.E. US)
Frequently Asked Questions about Colonial Life



Student learning will be measured by the successful completion of the quiz, the creation of a thorough Venn Diagram, and on the quality of story created in the classroom.


Upon completion of the WebQuest, students will be able to compare and contrast their own life with the life of people that lived in the colonies. Students will also be able to create an imaginative narrative using information from the WebQuest.

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