Children in Colonial America

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Your team has been transported back in time to colonial America. You are one of eight children in your family. Your task is to compare your life in this time to your life in the Twentieth Century.


The Task


Work with your team to find the answers to the following questions:

1.What is your everyday dress?

2.What might you have for dinner tonight?

3.How do you spend you leisure time?

4.How do your receive your education?

5.What are you career opportunities? Hint: What is a trade?

6. Do you receive an allowance?

Some thoughts to ponder:

What does indentured mean?

What is an apprentice?

7.How will your family celebrate Christmas?



The Process


1. Read together p. 126-128 in Joy Hakim's Making Thirteen Colonies.

2. Gather information from at least three print resources and four Internet sources to answer the questions asked.

3. Each team will make a note card for each question. Record the facts you have discovered below the question.

4. Make a chart with your team that compares and contrasts life in colonial times with the present.

5. Prepare an oral presentation of information on two of the questions. Consult with your teacher as to the questions assigned to your team.


Learning Advice

Remember to use the index when searching print material.

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Was a colonial child's life much different from your own?

Was the family an important part of colonial life?


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