Cajun Folk Music

Introduction Task Resources Process Evaluation Conclusion


We'll be researching to find out more about folk songs, Cajun music, and the Cajun people. In this WebQuest, you'll be looking for the information on the Internet.

The Task

Randol's CajunFest

To compose "Cajun Folk Songs," Frank Ticheli studied recordings of Cajun folk music from 1934. Now, he wants to compose another piece using contemporary Cajun folk music. He has asked you to go to "CajunFest 2002" and to collect information on 10 folk songs for him. .

To accomplish this task, you must:

* find information on folk music

* find information on the history of the Cajun people

* find information on modern Cajun society

* find information on Cajun music

* go to the virtual CajunFest and check out the bands.


Folk Music

Cajun/Zydeco Music and Dance Cajun Music (Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture) Randol's CajunFest

The Process
  1. Explore the Folk Music web page so your know what you are supposed to collect at CajunFest. Read through the "Basic Definitions" and write a paragraph describing the basic characteristics of folk music for your report.
  2. So you know something about the Cajuns when you visit CajunFest, research Cajun culture through the Evangeline web site. The link under Resources takes you to the site's table of contents. Explore the links under "The History and Culture of the Cajun people" to find the information you need. Answer the following questions in two paragraphs for your report. First Paragraph--Cajun history: * Who were the Cajuns' ancestors? * What country did they come from? * Why did they leave their home country? * Where did they settle in the U.S.? * What did they do for a living? Second Paragraph--Cajuns Today: * What language besides English do many Cajuns speak today? * What kinds of work do many Cajuns do today? * What is hand fishing?
  3. So you know something about Cajun folk music when you visit CajunFest, find information about their music on the Cajun Music web page. Include the following information in a paragraph for your report: * instruments used in Cajun music * ethnic groups that influenced Cajun music * major themes of Cajun music
  4. Go to the Randol's CajunFest web page and collect your songs. Explore the links to all of the bands and listen to the midi files. Your report for Mr. Ticheli must include 10 songs from at least five different bands. You need to list the following information for the songs so Mr. Ticheli has everything he needs: * song title * song writer (if any) * band * Instruments used * one sentence describing the mood of the piece * one sentence describing your reaction to the piece
  5. Complete your report for Mr. Ticheli. You will include all of the information you have gathered in steps 1 - 4, but you must organize it into the following sections: Section 1: * paragraph from step 1 describing folk music * paragraph from step 2 describing Cajun history * paragraph from step 2 describing Cajuns today * paragraph from step 3 describing Cajun music. Section 2: List each folk song with the information you collected in Step 4.

Learning Advice

To suceed in this WebQuest assgignment, you must first read the information on each web site carefully. Write your paragraphs in complete sentences with good spelling and grammar. Listen to the midi file for each of your songs and write a thoughtful sentence about your reaction.


Evaluation Category
Evaluation Criteria
Completeness-- Section 1 (20 pts.), Section 2 (20pts.) Provides all information required in Process steps 1 - 4.
Reflection on music (5 pts.) Provides thoughtful responses to the mood of each folk song and the personal reaction to it.
Writing quality (5 pts.) Uses complete sentences, good grammar, correct spelling.


Through this WebQuest, you've learned about folk music, the culture of the Cajun people, and Cajun music. Take your new understanding of folk music and of the Cajuns and apply it to your musical expression in "Cajun Folk Songs!"