No, Don't Spill Your Drink on the Computer


Watermarks, images barely visible behind text, add a touch of class to your Microsoft Word documents.

Inserting a watermark once took some effort, leading many Word users to buy paper with preprinted watermarks. But Word 2002 makes it extremely simple to print pages with your own custom background images and text.


Choose Page Layout from the View menu.
Go to the Format menu, click Background, and choose Printed Watermark.

For picture watermarks, click Picture Watermark and Select Picture. Find the image you want to use on your hard drive and click Insert.
For text watermarks, choose Text Watermark and type the text you'd like to use.
Tweak your options and press Apply.


The process is less obvious in Microsoft Word 97 and 2000, but still possible.

Choose Page Layout from the View menu.
Choose Picture from the Insert menu, find the image you want to use on your hard drive, and click Insert.
Click Format and Picture.
Under the Picture tab, go to Image Control and choose Watermark as the color.
In Word 97, choose None from the Wrapping tab. In Word 2000, set Behind Text as the wrapping style under the Layout tab.
Press OK.

The watermark will print in the background of every page of the document.



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