Do You Want To Change Your Font?

Read this first...

This tutorial deals with items that work on higher level browsers only. You'll need to head to the Netscape Home Page or head to the Microsoft Explorer Download Page and get at least the 3.0 version of either. If the text below all appears the same, you don't have a browser strong enough to handle the commands.

     I have been asked time and time again how to get the font face to change. I'm assuming you already know you can change font size through the use of "H" and "FONT" number commands. If what I just said is Greek to you - see here for a few more details on the process.

     Below is what I'm talking about. I have listed a few font face commands that you can use. All I did was simply write this tutorial using WORD 7.0 and entered all the font faces available with the little "TT" next to them. Here are the ones that worked. Follow the format below for your page. Just remember that when you use these commands, that earlier level browsers will not process the commands and the text will appear unchanged. So write with others in mind.

Are There Other Fonts?
     Probably, but they work this same way. Just try other names and see what pops up.

This is regular font

<FONT FACE="arial">This is arial font</FONT>

<FONT FACE="algerian">This is algerian font</FONT>

<FONT FACE="bookman">This is bookman font</FONT>

<FONT FACE="braggadocio">This is braggadocio font</FONT>

<FONT FACE="courier">This is courier font</FONT>

<FONT FACE="desdemona">This is desdemona font</FONT>

<FONT FACE="garamond">This is garamond font</FONT>

<FONT FACE="modern">This is modern font</FONT>

<FONT FACE="symbol">This is symbol font</FONT>
(These are pretty silly.)

<FONT FACE="wingdings">This is wingdings font</FONT>
(As are these.)


Good luck with others...