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Guidelines for color

Points to consider:

  • Easiest text to read is Black Text on a White background
  • Be careful when changing the default link colors so you don't confuse the visitor.
  • Never make text color the same as your link color.
  • Many text colors on a page hurts the eyes, tread lightly!
Tags to Change Color Attributes

To change Entire Document Body Text:

<BODY BGCOLOR="#9932CD"> Changes the Background color of the Document to Dark Orchid (Default is grey).
<BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" TEXT="#FFFFFF"> Sets the text color to white, background color to Black. (Default is black).
<BODY LINK="#FF0000" VLINK="#00FFFF"> Sets the LINK color to red, Visited LINK color to Cyan. (Default: LINK is blue, VLINK is purple)

To change Local Body Text:

<FONT COLOR="#FF00FF"> your text </FONT> Sets Text between Tags to Magenta. (Default is black).

You can also pair color with size attributes in the <FONT> tag:

<FONT SIZE=2 COLOR="#A62A2A">your text </FONT> Changes Text to Text Size 2, Color Brown

View a hex color chart so you know what color to choose.


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