I live in a small, small home and my wife won't let me paint the walls or put up my own wallpaper. Poor me. And since I spend more time staring at my computer screen than I do staring at my walls, my Windows wallpaper is very important to me. That's why I was pretty psyched when I learned from Megan about Panorama 32, a Windows wallpaper manager.

Organize the Wallpaper

This nifty little download lets you easily search your hard drive for images to set as wallpaper. Then you can configure these images to randomly cycle at any interval you choose.

Other cool features of Panorama 32

Supports several different image formats
Easy interface lets you format or scale your images
Easily accessible from system tray or desktop, if you prefer
Allows you to automatically hide all your desktop icons so you can actually see your pictures

Click here to find how to make your own icons.

Download Panorama 32


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