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Franz Liszt
1811 - 1868

F. Liszt
Franz Liszt.  [Online Image]  Available, June 11, 2001.

List was the greatest piano virtuoso of the nineteenth century, perhaps of all time.  He played for Beethoven when he was eleven.  When he gave piano recitals, audiences were spellbound!

As Liszt's fame and fortune grew, he became more and more restless.   He wanted to be remembered for more than his ability to play the piano.  As great as he was as a pianist, he really wanted to be remembered as a composer.  And what compositions he wrote!  Two of his best known works include Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 and Mephisto Waltz

Liszt's works are known for their romantic expressiveness and colorful orchestration.  His music is very passionate.  He, more than anyone else before or since, brought greater notice to the role of piano playing.

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