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Frederic Chopin
1810 - 1849

Frederic Chopin.  [Online Image]  Available, June 8, 2001.

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Minute Waltz.

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Chopin was born in Poland and died in France.  He was doomed to die young, at the age of 39, from tuberculosis.  Before his death he wrote an impressive body of work for the piano.  This instrument meant everything to him, and was the most popular instrument of the Romantic period

Chopin was a Nationalistic composerNationalism is a love of one's country and the desire to see one's country free from invaders.  His music speaks to these feelings of patriotism and freedom.  His Etude in C Minor was written as a gift to his native Poland.  One of his most popular and best known works is Polonaise in Ab Major.  

To hear more of Chopin's music, click here

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