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Johannes Brahms
1833 - 1897
J. Brahms
Johannes Brahms.  [Online Image]  Available, June 8, 2001.

Listen to the famous Brahms Lullaby.

Brahms was born in Germany, where many of the great composers came from.  He composed during the Romantic period.  His family was poor but very musical.  His father instructed him on the violin, cello, and piano.  By the time he was twenty he had already composed many of the pieces that are still heard today. 

Brahms lived a very full and productive life.  He spent most of his adult life living in Vienna, where he composed, conducted and performed on the piano.   He wrote in every musical form except opera. 

A beautiful example of Brahms' piano works is his Intermezzo, Op. 118.  To hear  Brahms' works, visit the Classical MIDI Archives.

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