Making Enhanced CDs
Making Enhanced CDs

1  Making Enhanced CDs
2 What's an E-CD?
3 The Content
4 Encoding the CD
5  Autorun
6 Burn It, Test It, Press It

Page 5 — Autorun

After you've filled up the CD with your content, you have to make sure it will start up automatically when people put it in a computer.

For Windows target machines, this is easy. On a Mac or PC, you need to make a Windows autorun file. Use Simpletext or Windows Notepad to create a file named "autorun.inf".

The contents of this file should look like this:


That's if your file is an EXE file. If it's an HTML file,

open=start index.html

Also, make sure that all of the necessary files have correct paths leading to them. For example, if you have a Director application .exe file that jumps to other files or includes movies, the application has to know where all the necessary files are. If you've put your main application inside a folder, make sure your autorun contains the path to that folder.

There is a downside to this, though: A pop-up DOS window automatically appears as you autorun "start." If you find this irritating, you can use a program named Shellrun to change it.

On a Mac, the Autorun feature of QuickTime enables autoplay. The DATA session of your E-CD must be a Mac/PC Hybrid (or ISO9660/MacHFS) to enable this feature, so you need to burn your second session in that format. If you're using a Mac, Toast burning software has a little box you can check that says "Autostart" and then asks you what file you want to use to start the CD with. If you are using something other than Toast, search your manual for autorun or autostart.

Using a PC to Make a Mac Autorun

There is a program available called MacImage that allows you to create an autostart.

Linux users, if you're even reading this far: mkhybrid.

Be aware that many users have their autostart feature disabled in both Macs and PCs, so you should include a "Readme.txt" file in your main directory that shows people how to start your masterpiece.

Now for the final touches.

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