Install a New Motherboard


Step-by-step instructions for getting that motherboard into its case.

So you got a new motherboard (hip supergeeks call it a mobo). How can you install it in the case? One step at a time.

Steps for installing a motherboard:

Unplug your system.
Open the case.
Take a close look at its innards.
Lay your new mobo next to the case in the same alignment as the mobo in the case.
Notice where all the cables go.

Keep track of your cables

Feel nervous? You could label each cable as you pull it out of the system with a piece of masking tape, noting which side of the cable is pin one, and so on. Many of the cables, such as the power cable, can only go into their sockets in one direction. The IDE cables for the hard drive are the most annoying ones, so pay close attention to them. Once you're comfortable with the cable soup, carry on.

Carry on

Remove all the cards, cables, and memory from the old motherboard.

You should now have clear access to all the screws or clips that hold the old motherboard. Remove them.

Look all around the mobo for one last screw or clip. I always miss one of 'em in the clutter.

Gently pull the mobo clear from the back of the case where all the ports stick out, then pull it up. If you're lucky, neither the power supply nor the hard drive cage will block the mobo's egress. (If they do, you'll need to pull them out too.)

Grab the new motherboard and do the above steps in reverse.


You've installed your own motherboard. Feel free to call it a mobo.

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