Web Site Evaluation

Web Site Evaluation
  • STEP 1: Identify the type of web page…Look at the web address
  • .gov = government  .org = non-profit organization .com = commercial
    .edu = educational   tilde(~) = usually an individual
    • STEP 2: Use the following checklist
    • STEP 3: Based on the checklist criteria, determine the quality and usefulness of information from the web page.
    Is the person's name who created the site clearly stated? _____ _____ 
    Does the author provide a way for users to make comments or ask questions? _____ _____ 
    Is the site responsive to copyright restrictions? _____ _____ 
    Does the site creator give a source for information where necessary? _____ _____ 
    B = BEING…..Every site has a reason for
    Is the purpose of the site clear, be it to entertain, persuade, educate, or sell?  _____ _____
    Is advertising kept to a minimum? _____ _____
    Does the site enrich the user's experience rather than promote social biases (gender, racial, religious)  _____ _____
    Is the title of the site appropriate to its purpose? _____ _____
    Is there enough information to make visiting the site worthwhile? _____ _____
    If there are large amounts of information on the site, is there some type of search function available? _____ _____
    Is spelling and grammar correct? _____ _____
    Is information current and accurate? Was it updated recently? _____ _____
    Are graphics appropriate and relevant to the topic? _____ _____
    Are the skills required to use the site features appropriate for the intended audience? _____ _____
    Is the subject matter appropriate for the intended audience?  _____ _____
    D = DESIGN
    Does the page load in a reasonable amount of time? _____ _____
    Is the information on the site easy to find and easy to use?  _____ _____
    Is the text easy to read and not cluttered with distracting graphics, fonts, and backgrounds? _____ _____
    Is the site free from inappropriate requests? (i.e.) paying a fee or giving personal information in order to use the site)
    _____ _____
    Are the links well organized and appropriate for the intended audience? _____ _____