Shortcuts in FrontPage Express

FrontPage Express Cheat Sheet No. 4


CFH Web WorkshopFrontPage Express has several ways of doing any one task. All the options are tucked away in the menu options along the top, but there are shortcuts as well.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Many commands that you see under the menu headers have keyboard shortcuts. Open can also be chosen by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing O. You can see these shortcuts to the right of the menu option. Keyboard shortcuts are good to learn because they save time and become second nature.

Right click menu

On the PC, the mouse has a right button that, when pressed, offers a menu of actions that can be taken for whatever the mouse is pointing to, or whatever is highlighted.

Some examples:

  • Right clicking on text lets you choose Format Text, Format Paragraph as well as Page Properties.

  • Right clicking an image offers the image-properties dialogue.

  • Right clicking on a text link allows you to change the format of the text or the location of the link.

  • Right clicking within a table offers shortcuts to the table properties or the cell you are in.

Shortcut buttons:

Below the menu options you will see several buttons. Some of them are obvious, but some can be a little difficult to figure out. If you put your cursor over any of these buttons, a text description will pop up explaining what the button does.

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