Web Workshop: Add Images With FrontPage Express

FrontPage Cheat Sheet No. 2


CFH Web WorkshopHow to insert an image into your webpage:

  • Place the cursor in the document where you want the image to appear.

  • Choose Insert, Image.

  • If the file is on your computer, browse to find it then choose OK.

  • You can refer to an image on the Internet, though it is not recommended for download time. If you absolutely must, enter the image's location after the http:// in the From Location field.

  • There is a tab for Clip Art. Like those filled-in panels in the not-so-swanky car, though, it reminds you that you are using FrontPage Express and not the zooped-up, paid-for version of FrontPage.

You will see your image appear, though strange formatting may appear as well. If the text starts at the bottom of your image and leaves large chunks of empty space everywhere, read on to see how to align your images. If your image looks fine, read on anyway. That was just beginner's luck.

Aligning Your Image

How to change the position of your image in relation to the text:

  • Select the image, choose Edit, Image Properties.

  • Choose Appearance from the folder tabs at the top of the screen.

  • Alignment not only changes the placement of your image, but governs the text around it as well. Play around with these alignments to familiarize yourself with the text's behavior.

  • Changing Horizontal and Vertical Spacing is another way to add space to your images so the text doesn't hit it.

Leave the dimensions alone, because they are the correct dimensions of your image. It is possible to change your image size here, but it may not be a good idea. Enlarging the image can result in pixelation, and it's silly to reduce the size because you can save space by making it smaller in the first place. Once again, if you absolutely must, you can. Keep in mind that changing the size by percent is an easier way to ensure that the dimensions stay proportionate.

Making Your Image a Link

Using an image as a link:

  • Select the image.

  • Choose Edit, Image Properties.

  • Click the General Tab and enter the URL in the Location field of the Default Hyperlink section.

  • Click on the Appearance Tab and make sure the Border Thickness is set to 0 or your image will have a border in the color of your links.

  • Choose OK.

  • To edit the Hyperlink, select the image and choose Edit, Hyperlink.

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