Format Your Page With FrontPage Express

FrontPage Express Cheat Sheet No. 1


Background Colors and Images

CFH Web Workshop

How to change the background color/image of your page:

  • Select File, Page Properties.
  • Select Background from the tabs at the top.
  • If you are using an image for the background, select Background Image, then click on Browse.

If your image is stored on your computer, choose From File, browse to find the image and choose OK. If you are referring to a file on the Internet (which we don't recommend because it will slow down your page construction) then enter its location and choose OK.

  • Choose OK again to return to the open page.
  • If you are changing the background color, click on the arrow to the right of the color selected next to Background.
  • Either choose one of the colors listed, or choose Custom to create your own color.
  • Choose OK again to return to your open page.

Making Custom Colors

If you choose custom, a window will appear with the FrontPage colors listed in squares to the left and a palette of blended colors to the right.

  • Click anywhere on the palette to choose a color. You can fine-tune the lightness/darkness using the slider on the right. (You will see the color change in the box marked Color|Solid.)

  • If you know the exact red green and blue (RGB) values of your color, you can enter them in the RGB field below.

  • Once you have chosen your color, choose Add to Custom Colors. You will see your color appear in one of the white squares to the left.
  • Here you can add any colors to use in your site (for links, text, and table backgrounds as well).

  • Select the color you want from the Custom Color squares and choose OK.

    Changing Text and Link Color

    You can specify the color of the text and links in your document. This will help visitors keep track of where they have been. It is a good idea to choose colors that vary enough so the viewer is not confused between the links visited and the pages yet to be seen.

    Setting the colors of your text and links:

    • Choose File, Page Properties.

    • Choose the Background tab from the upper left of the window.

    • In the middle of the window you will see options to change the color of the Text, Hyperlink (a link not yet visited), Visited Link (a link already visited), and Active Link (the page where the viewer is).

    • Pick the color you want and choose OK. If you want to make a custom color, follow the previous directions for choosing a custom background color.

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