The chart below shows the Blues Scale for the key of E. The Blues Scale contains the root, the flated 3rd, the fourth, the flatted fifth, the fifth, the flatted seventh, and the eighth degrees of a major scale.(See the theory course)

The empty circles on the chart indicate to play the open strings. When the scale pattern is moved up the neck, these notes are played with the left hand first finger. The chart shows the standard notation and the tab (tablature). When you play a solo then you may have to use other fingers depending on the order of the notes in the solo.



Like barre chords, this scale can be moved anywhere on the neck and begin in any fret. The note with the "R" pointing to it is the root. By placing the root on different notes, you can play the Blues Scale in any key. The following chart show the note, and scale, starting on the 6th string, the E string.


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