Give your PC that personal touch with customized desktop icons.

If you're tired of staring at the standard desktop icons, don't despair. You can easily change your icons. My Briefcase doesn't have to look like a briefcase; change it to look like something else.


Follow these directions to get started:



  1. Download an icon library or a program to extract icons from .dll and .exe files. A good place to find one of these libraries or programs is at Hotfiles.


  2. After you've downloaded an icon library or found a replacement icon, make a note of where it is located on your hard drive.


Follow these directions to change icons:



  1. Click the Start menu, choose Settings, and then choose Control Panel.


  2. Double-click the Display icon.


  3. Select the Effects tab from your Display Properties dialog box.


  4. Single-click the Icon you'd like to replace from under Desktop icons and click Change Icon.


  5. Choose the replacement Icon from the list and click OK. If you'd like to select an icon that isn't listed, click Browse and navigate to an icon in your icon library. Click Open and select OK.


If you want to create your own icon, keep reading this article.

. It is simple to change the icon.


  1. Right-click the desktop.
  2. Go to the Active Desktop option.
  3. Choose Customize My Desktop.
  4. Click the Effects tab.
  5. Click the My Computer icon and click the change button.
  6. Choose a standard Windows icon or browse for an alternative.


You also have the option of creating a blank icon. Download Microangelo 98 to create customized icons. You could create a one-pixel dot that will successfully cover the My Computer on your desktop.


It is also possible to hide icons on your desktop. In Active Desktop, check View Desktop as a Webpage and click Hide Icons. Voila! All of your icons will be hidden from view.


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