4th Six Weeks

Computer Net Class


4th Six Weeks

Computer Net Class




Open JPG and place Picture on ID then Print - Thursday,8 Jan


Develop a 1 page promoting either:

City of Kenedy Kenedy Elementary Kenedy Middle Kenedy High Kenedy ISD

This page must pass Bobby standards.

To do a better check on your coding click here.


Create a School or City banner.

Web banner: Create a web banner ad for your city or school web page. The ad does not require animation.
Project Dimensions: (468 x 60 pixels)

Save the banner as both a jpg or gif and the Adobe Photoshop format.


Do a WebQuest.

The class will divide into two parts and complete this WebQuest. This is to be completed during week 1 and week 2. On Friday of week two the projects will be presented. These tapes will be presented to the faculty during a faculty meeting to demonstrate a completed WebQuest.


Develop a Web Page for a teacher. Keep in style that works with the school site. The teacher is your employer and your page must be to their specifications and satisfaction. Be sure that they do not have a new page or another person has not requested to develop one this year already.


Develop an on-line lesson. You can use the ArtRoom as an example. This course will prepare the student to learn what will be reviewed and expanded upon in the WebQuest. The teacher will provide you with the lesson and test materials and you develop the on-line lesson. The teacher will grade the content.


Develop a WebQuest, using this format for the teacher you chose. The teacher is to provide the necessary lesson material. You will find the web resources to develop the WebQuest, you will create the Task.

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