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Help for your Webquest projects!

WebQuest Design How To Cite a Source
Web Site Evaluation Accessibility Standards
Teacher Pages How Web Assignments are Graded
Quick Review of Tags Faster Pages and Alt Command
ALCHEMY MINDWORKS WebQuest at San Diego State

How to Think, Teach and Learn Beyond the Boring

Bloom and What To Ask Critical and Creative Thinking
Intro to Creative Thinking Inventive Thinking


Forms, Paper, Sites for Research

Digital Art Rubric

A Rubric for Making Rubrics

A PowerPoint Rubric

An Apprehension and Satisfaction Form

Discouraging Plagerism HandOut

Emotions Handout

Ethics Questionnaire

Flyer Rubric

Interest and Confidence Handout

Is Your Work Plagiarism?

Monitor Your Emotions

Is is Documentation or Plagiarism?

A PowerPoint Rubric

How to Quote

Rate Your Partner in Group Activities

How to do a research log

Research Log Part Deux

A Rubric to develop a Rubric

Sample Criteria

A Satisfaction and Apprehension Form

A Self Evaluation

A Self Reflection

Student Guidelines

How to place Quotes in Your Work

When should you document your sources?

Cite your sources or just consult?

Daily Work Rubric

Daily Self Evaluation

Cite your sources or just consult?


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