6th Six Weeks Computer Art Assignments

Week 1

 Tutorial 6

Picture you and George W. Bush or Laura Bush

Make Peter Parker (aka. Spiderman) walk

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Week 2

Tutorial 10

Picture yourself with Michael Jordon

Make michel dribble a ball

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Week 3

Tutorial 11

Picture You and Shania Twain

Make a rocket ship take off

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Week 4

Do Tutorial 13 - More Sources

Picture you and the terminator

Morp a terminator picture with you in it

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Week 5

Tutorial 19 - More Sources

Picture you in the car

Make the car go

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Week 6

Make a movie with a story we can see without words

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All Drawings are to be completed and posted on web site the week they are due. Loss of 10 points per day for late drawings.

Week 7 Get ready for summer





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