3rd Six Weeks Computer Assignments

Week 1

  • Read Kodak’s Digital Learning Book 1:



Drawing Number 10 and Number 11
Colorized 10 and 11 also due.


Week 2

  • Read Kodak’s Digital Learning Book 2. Print the results from all quizzes and exams.



  • All Exams will be in portfolio - 80% minimum grade accepted


Week 3 and 4 and 5

  • Read Kodak’s Digital Learning Book 3 (Courses): Print the results from any competency exam you take.


Competency Exam Links

Chapter 1 Due week 3

Chapter 2 Due Week 3

Chapter 3 Due Week 4

Chapter 4 Due Week 4

Chapter 5 Due Week 5


Week 6

Read Kodak’s Digital Learning Book 4: In Class Exam - Final Week 6


Review the DLC Plus Book

"The DLC Plus contains chapters filled with information about various real life picture taking scenarios. Discover how and why people are using their photographs in everyday life. Some chapters have even included interactive games to help you learn more about digital photography. "



Semester Final Exam


All Drawings are to be completed and posted on web site the week they are due. Loss of 10 points per week for late drawings.




Computer Art
Tables Assignments
Read Webmonkey 1   Read Webmonkey 2

1st Assignment

2nd Week

2nd Assignment

3rd Week

3rd Assignment

4th Week

Read Web Monkey Color

Color Table Assignment

5th Week

Read Color Tables



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