1st Six Weeks

Computer Graphic Art


1st Six Weeks

Computer Graphic Art




August 17

Lesson 1d

August 18

Lesson 1

August 20

Lesson 2b

August 23

Lesson 2f

August 25

Lesson 2

August 27



Color Culture1

Culture 2

Color Accident


Stained Glass Windows

Car Colors

and Crystal Colors

Gender Colors

and Color in Flags

Color Theory

Lesson 3b

August 30

Lesson 3f

September 1

Lesson 3

September 3

Color and Food

and Color Museum

Drunk Tank Pink

and Color Symbolism

Pill Color


Web Design

Color and vision How you see color

Color Symbolism



Lesson 4d

September 7

Lesson 4f

September 8

Lesson 4

September 10

Elements of Art

September 14

Art Menu

Principles of Art

September 16

To Second 6 Weeks Evaluation Sheet

To How Web Sites are Graded