Your portfolio will consist of several different items. You must choose a theme for your portfolio,
selected from the following list:

Corpus Christi
Art World
Product or Company (Not Real)
Your School

Other ideas may be submitted, in writing, to your instructor for possible approval

The Desktop Publishing portion of your portfolio will show that you have mastered
all skills covered during the Desktop Publishing portion of the training.
Items which must be included:

1. Logo—displayed on your items 2-8 (created in a Digital Graphics Program you can learn Freehand atAtomic
2. Business Card
3. Letterhead and envelope
4. Brochure –tri-fold
5. Flyer – single full or half page
6. Newsletter, minimum 4 pages, 5 stories, 3 photos
7. B/W ad for newspaper or yellow pages
8. Color ad for magazine
9. Written analysis of at least 3 items from any print medium
10. Completed Ethics Unit1 Lesson 1 including created advertisement in 3 forms about computer ethics

Items 1-8 should be on your “company” theme. Each item must include a caption stating the date created (finished) and comments about your creation processes, successes and pitfalls. Keep all your scratch pages for your notebook.

Also complete Tests A-H in on Desktop Publishing. Answers are in Atomic Learning. You can use notes.

Start a clip file to be shared.

Items will be presented and evaluated in both print and electronic form. Electronic form will be published in .pdf format. Art Room Music Room ExtraInfo

Thank you to Faye Stone || Technology Coordinator ESC2