HTML and WYSIWYG Editors


Language of MathThe first step to building your own website is to learn about HTML, the language of the Web. HTML stands for hypertext markup language.

HTML tags are simple instructions that tell a browser how to display information on a website. They can direct text to be bold, align left, underline, and much more. You can add sound, animation, and other dynamic features to your site. For a jump start on learning HTML, read these hints for beginners.

Netscape and Internet Explorer offer free WYSIWYG programs. You can learn also learn the basics of another WYSIWYG, FrontPage Express, here.

If a free program can do all that, why learn HTML? It's important to know the specific HTML tags because WYSIWYG programs are limited. With a basic knowledge of HTML, you'll have more flexibility when you lay out pages using a WYSIWYG tool. You may also decide that you prefer to code HTML. Either way you'll be a more flexible webmaster.

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