Web Workshop: HTML Formatting


Serve web PagesThere's nothing more satisfying than writing your own HTML. A few tags and a Web host are all it takes to be a bona fide Web developer. You don't need fancy props to write HTML. All you need is a text editor and a browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape Naviagtor to view your work.

If you use Microsoft Windows you have two basic text editors at your fingertips already-- Notepad and Wordpad. You'll find them in your Windows Accessories folder. If you're a Mac user, you can download BBEdit Lite.

You can always use the HTML Helper in our web site if you don't want to learn and feel the joy of your own composition.

If you want a more sophisticated text editor, try HTMLtool. It's free to try and $25 to purchase. Among many attractive features, it color-codes the HTML code. This is helpful when you're new to writing HTML. For sophisticated Web developers, it has many useful features including DHTML and Javascript libraries.

Gather your tools and wits together. It's time to create your first page. But first, read this Lesson on essential HTML tags, and then learn some tips on formatting text.

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