To add a picture you need to first have a picture. If you donít know how to acquire a pictureClick Here.

If you know how, or learned how, then add the code (in red) to your paper. Iíll add a picture for you to see the code, but remember the name of your picture will be different.



<BODY BGCOLOR="#CCFFCC" ALINK="#00ff00" VLINK="#ff00ff">

<TITLE> Place you title here </TITLE>



<H2><p align="center"> <FONT COLOR="#FF0000" font size="3"> <img src="bambam.gif" width="179" height="192" border="0">l:</font> </p>

Place your text(words) here



Yes, I know it still is boring but on the next page we will add some music.

So, You want to see if youíve got it?

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