Kenedy Computer Art and Telenet Courses
Acceptable Use Agreement
Student Access to Networked Information Resources

The Internet

The Internet -- a collection of interconnected computer networks around the world -- expands classroom and library media resources by providing access to information, images, and even computer software from places otherwise impossible to reach. These resources can yield individual and group projects, collaboration, curriculum materials and idea sharing. Internet access also makes possible contacts with people all over the world, bringing into the school, into the classroom, experts in every content area and students and adults from other nations and cultures.


With this access comes responsibilities. The Art/Telenet Class will provide access to and integrate a thoughtful use of such information throughout the curriculum and will provide guidance and instruction in the appropriate use of such materials in a community setting. Parents and guardians are responsible for agreements their children make or actions they take and, outside of school, for setting and conveying the standards their children should follow when using any media or information service. Students are responsible for good behavior on these electronic resources. Appropriate access is the shared responsibility of the school, the student and the family.

Communication on networked information resources is often public. People receiving messages have the ability to redistribute them for many others to read. It is very important that students understand the importance of appropriate and polite behavior and of avoiding the sharing, transmission or distribution of personal information that you would not want any stranger to have -- such as, but not limited to, addresses, telephone and/or social security numbers.


The following activities are not permitted on Art/Telenet electronic resources:

  • Accessing, uploading, downloading, transmitting or displaying or distributing obscene, vulgar, untasteful or sexually explicit material; transmitting obscene, abusive, vulgar, untasteful, or sexually explicit language.
  • Damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks; vandalizing, damaging or disabling the property of another person or organization; debilitating or disabling computers,
    systems or networks through the intentional mis- or overuse of electronic distribution or storage space, or the spreading of computer "viruses" through the inappropriate use of files or diskettes.
  • Violating copyright, or otherwise using another person's intellectual property without his or her prior approval or proper citation; using another person's passwords; trespassing in another person's folders, work or files.
  • Violating local, state or federal statute.
  • All class web sites will also follow the listed guidelines:

    1. There will be no links from the student site other than internal links or to the art classroom site or the school site.

    2.There will be no representation of drugs, alcohol, firearms, illegal acts, or presentation of offensive music, art work or text. No colloqualisms that are of a negative nature(as determined by the instructor).No deframation of person or persons do to race, religion, national orgin, sex or sexual preferance.

    3. Any art work that distinuishes another person must have written permission to have the artwork presented on the site. If the person represented is a minor then the permission must be signed by the appropriate parent and/or guardian.

    4. All work must be of a positive nature that encourages education, maturation, and a development of taste and style.

Rights and Privileges

The student user has full rights (within the limits of these guidelines, responsibilities and prohibitions) to the instructional networked resources provided by the Art/Telenet Classes. The student's network account does not provide for personal storage space on the KISD resources. It is important that the students keep passwords secure and private. All passwords are to be on file with the instructor and not changed without the instructor's permission. Users should not expect that files will always be private. KISD network administrators have the right to review files to maintain system integrity and to be sure that the system is being used within the stated limits.


The Art/Telenet Classes makes no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, for the provided access. The staff, the school and KISD are not responsible for any damages incurred, including, but not limited to, loss of data resulting from delays or interruption of service, for the loss of data stored on KISD resources, or for personal property used to access KISD resources; for the accuracy, nature, or quality of information stored on KISD resources or gathered through corporation-provided access; for unauthorized financial obligations incurred through KISD-provided access. Further, even though the KISD may use technical or manual means to limit student access, these limits do not provide a foolproof means for enforcing the provisions of this policy. All provisions of this agreement are subordinate to local, state and federal statute.


Violations of school, district and Art/Telenet Classes networked information resources policies could result in the loss of access to electronic resources. Additional disciplinary action may be determined at the building and/or classroom level in line with existing practice regarding language and behavior. When appropriate, law enforcement agencies may be involved.

Kenedy Art/Telenet Class
Acceptable Use Agreement
Student Access to Networked Information Resources

The above student has my permission to apply for Internet access. Student access will be used to pursue educational objectives through student-conducted communication, research and other instructionally related activities. Alternative class will need to be provided if access to networked information resources is refused or unavailable.

Student and Parent/Guardian Agreements:

Please read and/or discuss the Acceptable Use Agreement on page one (1) with your student. In accepting an account, your student accepts the responsibility of using the network in a responsible and appropriate manner. It is important that you understand his/her responsibilities as well. Your signature indicating that you have read and agreed to the guidelines is necessary before an account will be issued.

I have read, or have had read to me, and/or have discussed the Acceptable Use Agreement and agree to use the network in an appropriate and responsible manner.

I have read and/or discussed the Acceptable Use Agreement with my student and give the school and the Art/Telenet Class permission to issue an Internet account to my student.

The Art/Telenet Class supports and respects each family's decision whether or not to apply for student access and whether to terminate or suspend that access. Parents/guardians have the right to request an alternative class which does not require access to networked information resources. Access, if issued, shall remain in effect through the remainder of this school year, unless suspended or terminated by either the student, the teacher, the school, or the parent or guardian.

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