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Shoutcast is a software package enabling you to broadcast audio to other online listeners using your PC. It allows you to turn your MP3 files into rotating and repeating playlists for online users to hear. It does this by turning your computer into a hookah of sorts, serving up music instead of smoke through multiple octopus-like connections. You can deliver live or archived broadcasts, making it easy to continue streaming while you're otherwise occupied.

Server Requirements:

To operate a Shoutcast server we recommend running Windows on at least a Pentium 200 with 64MB RAM, though a lower-end machine may still work. You'll also need to consider how many simultaneous listeners you wish to stream to and how that affects your bandwidth requirements. As we'll explain in the "Config" section below, using a bitrate of 24kbps requires a 256kbps DSL to support 8 concurrent listeners.

Listener Tools:

Your listeners will need a standard MP3 streaming player to tune in. You should provide links to players to make sure they can download one if they haven't already. Recommended players are Sonique and Winamp for Windows, Audion for the Mac and XMMS for Linux.

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