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Barraged by friends, manhandled by Internet marketing hype, you (poor soul) have decided it's time to descend into deeper levels of online content hades by making some of your own sounds available using streaming audio technology.

You may have noticed that simply attempting to listen to Internet audio is confusing enough. Competing online audio-technology companies desperately weave spells to charm bemused users into believing their Version Nine Million and Twelve product -- though ever so similar to that other company -- is the real deal.

Maybe becoming an online DJ yourself will be more effort than it's worth. Ah, but wait. There are now lots of easy-to-use tools that can have you broadcasting your own live online radio show in just a few hours.

In this tutorial we'll get you up and running with Shoutcast (version 1.7), a common (and free) server for streaming MP3 music files. For the purposes of this article, we'll use Windows (though Shoutcast is supported on FreeBSD and Solaris as well). We'll explain the process of running a streaming server and a source stream (your MP3 audio) from the same Windows computer. If you prefer Unix and simply want to make playlists out of a bunch of MP3 files you may want to check out Icecast .

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