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Keyboard Shortcuts and Controls

Getting Started in Bryce 5
Part 1: Creating a scene in Bryce 5
Part 2: Creating two figures in Poser 4
Part 3: Importing the figures from Poser 4 into Bryce 5 and making the finishing touches

Since I’m a PC user, I have provided all shortcuts in the PC version. For Mac users, simply substitute ‘Alt’ for ‘Option’ and ‘Ctrl’ for ‘Command’. This is an incomplete list of shortcuts:

Main Document View
Esc Wireframe/render toggle Toggles between the wireframe and render views
Ctrl-Spacebar-Mouseclick Zoom in Moves the camera in.
Ctrl-Alt-Spacebar-Mouseclick Zoom out Moves the camera out.
Ctrl-Spacebar-Mouse selection Zoom to selection The area that you select with the mouse becomes the new camera view.
Ctrl-S Save Brings up the Save Window
Ctrl-Alt-N Document Setup Brings up the Document Setup Window
Working with Objects
Shift-Mouseclick Select multiple When you shift-mouseclick within the document window all object under the mouse are toggled selected/unselected. If it was previously unselected, it will be selected.
Ctrl-Mouseclick Select Menu The Select menu will allow you to choose any of the objects underneath the mouse cursor, select all, deselect all, or invert selection.
Shift-Ctrl-Mouseclick Select multiple from menu By keeping the shift button down, you can select multiple items using the Ctrl-Mouseclick as mentioned above.
Ctrl-C Copy Copies object to the clipboard.
Ctrl-X Cut Removes object but keeps a copy in the clipboard.
Ctrl-V Paste Pastes the object (that has been copied or cut previously) from the clipboard.
Ctrl-Z Undo Undo the last change that you made. (You can undo up to 16 changes in the history!)
Memory Pills
Alt-Mouseclick Delete from memory Deletes saved setting. Returns the pill to its default empty state.