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  Make columns by Fairyfan

First you need some map. Bryce uses maps for sculpturing. You can made it in Bryce (edit object), but if you better like paint programs, you can make some maps in there.
See the picture. The 2 maps on top will be used in this tutorial. The bottom two are some example for other column's heads. You can download the column's head map (top left side) if you can't use any paint program. Download the support file at the beginning this tutorial.

In paint program you need to make a 512 x 512 picture with black background. Make some shapes (use several layers for the best work) and use several gradient fills) Make layers darker or lighter if need. The lighter side will be high and the darker will be low in Bryce. Export as greyscale bmp or jpg.

First of all determine what you want. If you want to use this objects in Poser, you will need the export function. In this case use terrain or lattice object, because the other objects (cone, cube...) are not exportable as wavefront object.
So create an object (terrain or lattice) Terrain has on side. A flat bottom and an editable top. The lattice is a two sided object with a flat middle.

So make the column body. Select the object, click on the little E in bottom right side and you can edit the shape. Load your white circle map (picture tab in editing tools) to each places. Or paint a circle into terrain canvas with brush.

You can change the shape with little skate or clamp on terrain canvas window's right side. Now you see the column body.

Create a new object and go to the Edit area. In picture tab (editing tools) load the col3.jpg from zip file, or use you own head bump map.

The basic shape is ready.

In Edit area you can try many variatons in Editing Tools' Elevation tab.

Use posterize (see above)

or Raise/Lower (below)

or use some Sharpening (below)

Try all of functions. You can combine them too.
If you want to maky your column for poser, you can use a Poser's primitive prop for column's body, but it will be plane. In Bryce you can make interesting columns.
Use your imagination and paint your column's cross-section with brush in Terrain canvas editor.

If you need, make some other changes. In this case I need to cut the top side of the head.
Like this

Now go to the main window and join the head to the column. Still it will be the pedestal, but duplicate this object, rotate 180 and attach to the column. I tried to make group, but than I can't export so if you want to use it in Poser, you need to export the head and body separately.

You can change the wireframe options. I think it is useful if you want to edit this object later in other 3D program. Or maybe the texturize will be easier.

I shown the way what you can use for several columns.

I hope this tutorial was useful for you and now you can make your own columns.
If you have some question feel free to contact me