Creating A Hypertext Link

Welcome to day four. Today you will learn only one thing: How to create a link to another page. It's a set flag format like any of the others you have seen so far. Once you learn the format, you can make as many links as you want to any other page you want.

Now an example: What is below would create a link to the our HTML Home Page.

<A HREF="">Click Here For HTML Home Page</A>
Here's What's Happening

Here's what will appear on the page using the command above...

Click Here For A Great HTML Home Page

Now, without clicking, simply lay your pointer on the blue words. You'll see the address of the link you created come up along the bottom of the browser window, down where it usually reads "Document Done".

What To Write For The Link?

There are a couple different schools of thought on this. One suggests that what you write for links should be quite blatant. This includes text like "Click here for this" or "Here's a link to...". The other states that since the hypertext links will be blue (or whatever color they're set to), that the links should be just another word in the text set up as a link.

I believe a little of both. I'm of the opinion your readers should be allowed to have a very easy time of it all in terms of navigating your Web pages. But it's your page and you make that decision.

E-Mail Links From Your Page

This is what's known as a mailto: command. It follows the same coding scheme as the hypertext link above. What this format does is place blue wording on the screen that people can click to send you a piece of e-mail.

Here's the pattern:

<A HREF="">Click Here To Write Me</A>

Notice it's the same format as a link except in a link you write "mailto:" in place of the http:// and your e-mail address in place of the page address. Yes, you still need the </A> flag at the end. Please notice there is NO SPACE between the colon and the e-mail address.

Here's what you get using the "mailto:" command above:

Click Here To Write Me

Go ahead, click on it. I know you're dying to. You'll get an e-mail dialogue box addressed to me. Then you can write if you want. The same thing will work for you. Just place your e-mail address in place of mine following the format above.

And that wraps up HTML Lesson Day #4. Next time we get into the fun part of the World Wide Web, images.

Creating A
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Here's What's Happening E-Mail Links From
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