Introduction to Animation

Introduction to Animation Lessons

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The Twelve Principles of Animation

1. Smash and Squash

2. Anticipation

3. Staging

4. Straight Ahead vs. Pose to Pose

5. Follow Through

6. Slow In - Slow Out

7. Arcs

8. Secondary Actions

9. Timing

10. Exaggeration

11. Solid Drawing for modem

11. Solid Drawing for high speed

12. Appeal

Story and Character

Storyboarding - the important 1st step.

Looking through the Camera

Dialogue - To speak or not to speak perchance to......

Looking through the Camera

Building a Scene

Looking through the Camera

Editing 1 - The selection is yours

Editing 2 - The selection is yours

Add Animation to Your Site

Do you want to make your own 3d Animations?

Do you want to read about great animation?

Do you want to make your own Animated Gifs?

Anticipation Animation Tip

Flash: Animation made easy

FlashForward2000: The Future of Web Animation

DGA Flash Lesson 1