You are the judge that will be presiding over this case.  Your job is to make sure the trial runs smoothly.  You do not decide whether Lizzie Borden is guilty or innocent.  You will sentence her if she is found guilty of murder.  You will need to follow these steps to prepare for the trial.

STEP 1: Researching Trial Procedures
The first thing you need to do is find information on trial procedures.  You will need to find information on questioning witnesses, objections and courtroom etiquette. You may use the links that I have set up for you on the main page and/or other resources that you may wish to use, i.e. books, magazines, other web sites etc.

STEP 2: Researching the Case
You will need to start gathering facts on the trial.  I have several web sites linked to the main page that describe the Lizzie Borden case. STEP 3:  How to Become a Judge
To become a judge it takes a lot of hard work. You need to find out how one does this and write a one-page, typed summary.  Discuss the process one goes through.  Include schooling, exams and experience needed to become a judge.

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