It will be your job to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that Lizzie Borden did not commit the murders of her father, Andrew Borden and her step-mother, Abby Borden.  For this case you will need to research all of the facts.  You will be required to put together an opening statement, questions for your witnesses, cross examinations of the prosecution's witnesses and finally a closing statement.  To accomplish this you are required to follow these steps.

STEP 1: Researching Trial Procedures
The first thing you need to do is find information on trial procedures.  You will need to find information on questioning witnesses, developing effective opening and closing statements, objections and courtroom etiquette. You may use the links that I have set up for you on the main page and/or other resources that you may wish to use, i.e. books, magazines, other web sites etc.

STEP 2: Researching the Case
You will need to start gathering facts to help your case.  I have several web sites linked to the main page that describe the Lizzie Borden case.  You will require the help of Dr. Doolittle's forensic lab from the Fall River Police Department.  They are conducting scientific tests on the evidence found at the crime scene.

STEP 3: Questioning the Witnesses
Now you must put together your questions for each of your witnesses.  Witnesses will be from this class or Dr. Doolittle's forensic lab.

STEP 4: Opening and Closing Statements
You will now need to create your opening and closing statements.  Follow the guidelines that you researched.  Your statements should be one to two minutes long. WARNING:  DO NOT TALK ABOUT THIS TRIAL WITH ANY OF THE JURY MEMBERS!!

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