Bull Shannon

You are the bailiff.  You will need to find out what exactly your role in a trial is.  Follow the steps below to find out.

STEP 1:Researching Trial Procedures
The first thing you need to do is find information on trial procedures.  You will need to find information on how a bailiff begins the court and introduces the judge, the swearing in process, and handling evidence as well as general courtroom procedure. You may use the links that I have set up for you on the main page and/or other resources that you may wish to use, i.e. books, magazines, other web sites, etc.

            1. What is your responsibilities as a bailiff?
            2. What are your duties?
            3. What are the courtroom procedures that you must follow?

STEP 2: Researching the Case
You will need to start gathering facts about the case.  I have several web sites linked to the main page that describe the Lizzie Borden case.  The Fall River Police Department's forensic lab ran by Dr. Robbins (ours will be Dr. doolittle's lab) will play a key role in the collection of evidence.  They are conducting scientific tests on the evidence found at the crime scene that will be used in court. You may have to interview some of the crime team during your research.

STEP 3: The Trial
Now that you have prepared yourself and you have become a court licensed bailiff, you can attend your first trial.  Make sure you follow all the necessary procedures of a trial in order for the case to run smoothly.
When the trial is completed you will be required to type a one page paper describing how you felt the trial went and what could be improved.  Tell any feelings you have about the case and the outcome of the trial.

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