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Seven Intelligences


  It is important, when teaching, to give learners a variety of activities.  Our students learn in a variety of ways and every person has one or more strengths and one or more weaknesses.  By offering classroom activities that utilize the different learning styles and learning intelligences, we are giving our students both a chance to be successful and a chance to meet challenges.

For the student who is a verbal/linguistic learner, journal writing is a joy, but when it is time for computation games, that same student may be at a loss.  This does not mean that we only teach to the particular student's learning style or intelligence, but rather that by touching upon all of them we can help each and every one of our students be comfortable with ALL of the learning styles and intelligences!

Projects and Activities - Multiple Intelligences


Story Telling Fact File Word Search Newspaper
Oral Reports Brochure Tape Speech
Debates Booklets Interviews Letter Writing
Poems News Articles Newsletters TV/Radio Reports



Choral Reading Musical Metaphor Musical Collage
Musical Technology Raps/Jingles Original Song
Musical Score Patterning  




Diagrams Computer Printouts Surveys Graphs
Time Line Puzzles Recipe Technology
Analogies Categorization Patterns Symmetry
Story Problems Formulas Experiments Venn Diagrams




Interviews Family Tree Movie
Skits Culturegrams Service Projects
TV Program Meetings Parties Partner Solutions
  Cooperative Learning  



Board Games Floor Games Scavenger Hunts Treasure Hunts
Dance Pantomime Puppet Show Role Play
Choreography Puzzle Task Cards Build
Construction Field Trips Card Games  



Editorials Scrapbook Commercial
Diary Metaphors/Analogies Reflections
Goal Setting Right Angle Journals



Models Charts Maps Sculpture Architecture
Museums Mobiles Murals Dioramas 3-D Graphs
Placemats Advertisements Puzzles Posters Color Codes
Comic Strip Cartoon Picture Drawing Collage
Video Tapes Silkscreen Filmstrips Photo Essay Slideshow


Terrarium Travelogue Learning Center
Garden Project Animal Project Classification






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