The 80's

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Blondie was enjoying success as a pop musician. Her single "Rapture" which came out in the early 80s was quite a hit. Listen to her rap in "Rapture."

Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five recorded the first political rap. Called "The Message", this recording launched the era of using rap to communicate strong and at times controversial beliefs.

From 1982 to 1985, rap artists were recording original music, rather than using instrumental grooves from prerecorded songs.

sampling was born.


A sampler is an electronic device which can precisely replicate an existing sound or track of music.
Rap artists began taking samples of previously recorded tracks and then re-recording over them. This is similiar to what the early pioneers of rap/hip hop, the Djs from the Bronx, were doing with the turntables. However, the rap artists of the 80s had the advantage of technology to make this a simple task.
Two things happened with this advancing technology: musicians began stealing from other musicians without giving credit, and musicians were being replaced with electronic samplers.

Some artists who have used samples from previously recorded work:

Yo MTV Raps

Up to this point in 1986, rap music did not have a white audience. MTV made rap accessible and desirable to all youth, both Black and white.


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