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"Let's go back, let's go back, let's go way on way back when..."

-Aretha Franklin

The Djs in the Bronx - Lovebug, Kool Herc, and Hollywood - began to get gigs in the local dance clubs and discos. They would find an instrumental groove that they really liked, and then rig up the stereo to play it over and over. Joseph Saddler was one of these Djs. He began to learn his trade from Kool Herc. He would have two copies of the same record, then play them on two separate turntables. He would switch from one turntable to the other, repeating the selected groove. The guys he performed with chanted things like "Throw your hands in the air/And wave'em like ya just don't care!"

This type of crowd pleaser was known as "rapping" to the crowd.

Recording artists became interested in the increasing popularity of this, and took it to the studio. The first rap recordings were in 1979. The Fatback Band recorded "King Tim III", and the Sugar Hill Gang recorded "Rapper's Delight".

The unique thing about these two historic recordings is that they were made with live musicians. Rather than using instrumental grooves from records, actual bands made these recordings.

Check out the lyrics to "Rapper's Delight". This is where the term "hip hop" was coined. Learn more about the Gang on this link.



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