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Jewel Kilcher was born May 23, 1974 in Payson, Utah. Her grandfather, Yule Kilcher, emigrated from Switzerland to Alaska and helped write the state charter. Jewel grew up on an 800-acre homestead with her parents and two brothers. They had little in the way of modern conveniences; there was no television and the bathroom was an outhouse. She spent much of her free time writing in her journal, writing poems, and singing. Both of Jewel's parents were in the music business and she toured with them. She had her own yodeling act by the time she was 6. Later on her parents broke up and Jewel stayed with her father in Atz. She continued to tour with her father for the best part of seven years.

Jewel attended Michigan's Interlochen Fine Arts Academy. She was there on a vocal scholarship for two years. While attending the academy, Jewel began to play guitar. A fast learner, she began writing her own music. Upon recieving her diploma and graduating, Jewel headed to San Diego and lived with her mother. She had a job there, and was fired from a few.

Jewel decided that she would live in her van. In her van she had her own private space with no disturbances. She would write poetry and songs in the van. It was a very quiet place and somewhere she could really concentrate on her music.

At a local venue, Jewel started performing on a regular basis. Starting off with smaller crowds and leading up to a record signing with Atlantic Records, Jewel was headed for the big leagues. She recorded her first album, Pieces of You at age 19. It started off rather slow, but Jewel did not give up. She promoted her album by touring relentlessly and her effort has paid off. Her album going platinum was the highlight of Jewel's career.

In 1998 Jewel released her second album Spirit. The album's success was just as big as her first, if not bigger. Jewel played in the Woodstock 1999 infront of over 200,000 people. Her career, although rather impressive is just beginning and we will most likely see a lot of Jewel in the future.

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